Yacht training

The yachting season has begun and the sea will soon turn into a busy highway. Safety is the basis of a great holiday, so education must be a priority for every skipper.

Adria Libar nautical school is an expert for education in yachting, offering continuous education of skippers and crew members. Over twenty years of impeccable services
have made this school a regional go-to expert for all things safety. Offering courses in a variety of fields, and in close cooperation with professionals from other institutions
from Šibenik, Zadar, Split and Rijeka, the expert staff of Adria Libar will train skippers and crew for all possible scenarios. The curriculum, certified by the Croatian
Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, follow the Rules for statutory certification of boats and yachts. The school offers courses necessary for obtaining
Yacht Master certificate in categories A, B and C, giving the candidates who obtain them and pass the tests with the Port authority license for boats and yachts up to 30
BT and 100-500 BT, respectively. The category C course takes four days (Friday to Monday) and combines 25 classroom hours and 6 practice hours on an Atoll 3 boat,
teaching sea navigation, maneuvering and collision avoidance, engineering and engine room safety, meteorology, rules and regulations, first aid, sea safety and radio-telephony. This course aims to prepare candidates for safe navigation, with accent on reading the maps and charts, knowing how boats work and being able to predict the
weather. Professor Damir Horvatović says: ‘Skippers must be well acquainted with international collision rules and navigation regulations. There are many way maneuvering
and docking can go wrong and result in damage. Also of utmost importance are survival at sea classes, in which we teach survival skills and use of personal safety and
survival kits, as well as signal kits. Our courses offer an excellent basic knowledge for beginners, and allow future skippers to build on that knowledge and face any problem with confidence.


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