ARPA and Radar Observer – Operational level


Course code: D6B

Scope (Target audience) : The course is conducted in accordance to the minimum training standard requirements of STCW ’95 in Table A-II/1 and is based on the guidance on training in radar observation and plotting and in the operational use of ARPA in Section B-I/12 and on the guidelines of IMO Model Course 1.07.Course provides training in the basic theory and use of radar and is principally intended for candidates for certification as officers in charge of a navigational watch. 

Objective : A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to recognize when radar should be in use; will select a suitable mode and range setting for the circumstances; will be able to set the controls for optimal performance and will be aware of the limitations of the equipment in detecting targets and in terms of accuracy.When within range of the coast, the trainee will be able to compare the radar display with the chart, select suitable conspicuous land targets and use these targets to fix his position. The trainee will also be aware of the need to maintain a continuing plot of ship targets which may pose a potential threat of collision; and trainees will be able to derive from the plot the necessary information about other ship’s courses, speeds and nearest approaches to enable action to be taken in ample time, in accordance with COLREG to prevent a close-quarters situation arising.

Course content : 

  • Basic theory and operation of marine radar system
  • Set up and operate radar in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
  • Perform manual radar plotting
  • The use of radar to ensure safe navigation
  • The use of radar to avoid collisions or close encounters
  • Descrbe an ARPA system
  • Operate an ARPA system

Duration: 50 hours

Prerequisite : 

  • Identification card or passport
  • Minimum secondary school education report card
  • Medical exam issued by Occupational health practice in Republic of Croatia

Approved by :


Note to client : After successful completion of the course and examination candidates will receive Radar Navigation, Radar plotting and use of  Arpa-Operational level certificate.

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